Debt Information Pack

You have been brought to this page because you are receiving debt advice.

The link below will allow you to download the latest guidance and advice leaflets that are relevant to most debt advice we give.

Your debt adviser will talk you through what is most relevant to you, but please do read the information provided here, as it will explain the process you are going through, and a lot of this information is very useful.


The following items are contained in this debt pack:


1.    Money Advice Service Debt Agreement

2.    Client information sheet – what will you do with my data?

3.    What to bring/send for your local Citizens Advice appointment

4.    What happens if I can’t pay my debts

5.    Making the most of your money 

6.    Checking your options for getting out of debt 

7.    Stopping bailiffs at your door 

8.    Ways to clear your debt 

9.    Do you have a complaint about Citizens Advice?


or click here to view a google version of this document 

Last Updated: December 2020